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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 1, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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recruit last year. remember, they roomed him with matt barkley last season thinking they've got to get this kid ready to go and he's merged as the guy? george farmer when you see him work out, you think secretariat. >> gus: he is big and strong. >> charles: big, strong, he's 215 pounds. and he can go. >> gus: here's wittek. and wittek completing this. victor blackwell, a freshman from cerritos, also a modern day product. we're going to have to one day go see him. >> charles: bruce, the coach there, has done an amazing job. he's another modern day guy right next to him, holmes, the center, who played guard at modern day and was right guard a couple of seasons ago and now holds down center spot. he and matt barkley
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have been teammates for a good number of years. >> gus: hand-off, t.j. morgan. erin andrews busy in the studio. let's join her once again for game break. how about the freshmen anthony thomas? the ducks are up. gus, i know you're loving what oregon is wearing right now. those flashy, flashy unis. >> gus: a little loud for me but i'll take it. anthony thomas recently committed to usc but he took a last-minute trip to oregon and came back wearing a bunch of oregon paraphernalia and lane kiffin said, think we lost him. >> charles: and they did. >> gus: what a season as he starts his sophomore campaign. >> charles: how about that rose bowl.
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all of a sudden, whoosh, it was gone. he has that game-breaking ability, obviously rivals what usc has. >> gus: third down and one at the 29. wittek in for matt barkley. >> charles: so many different formations all the way there. >> gus: a time-out called by sc. >> referee: time-out, usc, full time-out. >> gus: 5:31 to go in the fourth quarter, 49:10. max wittek, his first completion. at usc. alright, yand... flip!in? whoa! did you get that? yep, look at this. it takes like 20 pictures at a time. i never miss anything. isn't that awesome? uh that's really cool. you should upload these. i know, right? that is really amazing. pictures are so clear. kevin's a handsome devil.
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gf and welcome back. introducing the ups performance. it looks at the efficiency of the offense, defense, special teams and miss yoous to find their competitive advantage. check out the ups index for a look at the log is ticks behind a winning team. a hand-off. d.j. morgan. third string running back. lane kiffin has pulled out his main guys and put in his backups to allow them to gain experience. >> charles: but he hasn't allowed them to run in with max wittek on the field. you can't run him in without giving him experience and not throw it. the kid's got to run
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it up. he may throw it here for the first down. >> gus: they need two yards and he's rolling out. does throw it and he completes. agua lore takeen down by max edwards. one thing he loves about max wittek, he loves his arm strength and size. 6'4", 235-pound freshman, so he's bag boy. >> charles: remember, he's a redshirt freshman. when he got to campus, 205, 210. now that's a lot of man getting into that uniform. prototypical looking guy if you're thinking about next level. >> gus: wittek through for 2,000 yards his senior year in high school. 16 touchdowns, modern day. remember, modern day is the kind of school that has produced some terrific quarterbacks.
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todd more envich. >> charles: he's wearing his number. >> gus: that's right. matt leinart as well, a heisman trophy winner and now matt barkley. and who knows. >> charles: if i'm not mistaken, the coach played here himself. >> gus: the high school that's committed to the pro-style offense. >> charles: no wavering. not a lot of gun stuff, no wildcat. i said very limited if at all. >> gus: wittek, back. terrific pursuit. go, yap. >> charles: he's played hard all night. >> gus: you know, i think this hawaii team has played hard. they're going to go back and be obviously upset about what they have seen but i doan think they're going to be upset about the overall effort. >> charles: that only bodes well for them as they try to rebuild
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the program. >> gus: coach chow, a lovely person to be around. so inspirational. positive. at the same time, his players have to conduct their business in a certain way and he makes sure they live up to it. four years as the offensive coordinator under coach carroll and take a look at this. >> charles: okay. there's coach chow. hob about this? lane kiffin. ed, the former head coach at ole miss. how about that for a staff. >> gus: coach kiffin said he learned a lot from coach chow, having had a chance to spend time with him. fourth down and 18. here's the pitch. morgan makes a tackle. with running room. and morgan gets close
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to the 15. they did not get the first down. a 16-yard gain, so usc turns the football over on down. 2:11 to play. back after this. [ male announcer ] the perfect photo... [ man ] nice! [ male announcer ] isn't always the one you plan to take. whoa, check it out. hey baby goat... no that's not yours... [ hikers whispering ] ...that's not yours. [ goat bleats ] na, na, na -- no! [ male announcer ] now you can take a photo right from video, so you'll never miss the perfect shot. [ hikers laughing, commenting ] >> gus: 49-10, s.c. as hawaii gets the football. and this is joey iosefa. hasn't had, as you mentioned, charles, as many carries as we thought. thing part of it is in
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the way it's gone. had his hand out early. couldn't go to him. a single bash, throwing himself in the defensive front in front of usc. >> gus: second down and 11. iosefa. gets to the 20. let's take a look at our reese's perfect play. a bunch of them today for s.c., but i think this one will stand out. >> charles: after hawaii's double-digit play they start the second half. marqise lee takes the initial kick-off of usc in the second half and brings it all the way back. he's only the second player in usc history with a 100-yard kick-off return. anthony davis did it twice. that was a tough game, notre dame, where they go down, what, 24-0 at
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the half. anthony davis went off. does the knee dances in the end zone when he scores. >> gus: the '72 championship season intact. >> charles: 24-0 or 24-6 at the half and usc came back in a monster rush. there you go, 72 teams. they're honoring so many different teams, so many different anniversaries. 19th anniversary, the first rose bowl team, right on down the line. >> gus: if you have a chance to go to heritage hall, folks, if you're in los angeles and you want to sight-see. go to harrison hall to look at all the heisman trophies and great busts of former usc players. just a wonderful, wonderful trip. don't forget, the fox saturday postgame report. a blowout.
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wolverines going down hard but matt barkley, big day. marqise lee, big day as well as usc opens up with a 49-10 win over hawaii. next week they'll travel to new york to take on syracuse in the meadowlands. 49-10, the final. southern california, the number one team in the nation starts off strong as coach chow and coach kiffin greet each other at midfield. number one team looking very strong. coming up on the at&t postgame show i'll be joined alongside eddie and joey. they'll give your comments and we've got the oregon ducks playing right now. we'll get you all caught up.
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next saturday fox saturday
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returns. 17th ranked nebraska corn huff kerrs takes on the bruins. coverage presented by geico begins next saturday at 7:00 eastern. welcome in to the at&t postgame. what a first game it was for the number one team in the nation. e.a., eddie, and joey. you guys will be here next week, won't you? >> i hope so. >> remember when brady hoke said he definitely wanted to play the national defending champions? careful what you wish for, my friend. here comes number two, alabama, mr. denard robinson. >> he had a rough day. picked off by moseley who returned it with 16 yards and a touchdown. bla alabama is up. the beatdown continues. >> it's not over. how about number three? >> they're going to need him as the season goes on.
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today, not too tough of game against north texas. finds them with a four-yard touchdown. >> tigers are getting a little warmed up. both of these tigers getting warmed up at the georgia dome. >> todd boyd to de-andry hopkins. let's good net look with the sweep. catch in the corner of the end zone. clemson wins, 26-19. >> here's the stylus portion of the show. the oregon ducks with their latest fashion. trip kelly not disappointed when he takes on arkansas saying i love these unis. >> making his first start. finds him in the back of the end zone. a thousand yards and two touchdowns. >> again, i love the fashion. bob stoops can't be hab with the way they started the game. >> guess who returns the favor, jones hit is his favorite target. a 68-yard touchdown.
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they're all tied up at utep. >> can you believe saturday is almost over? we just got here. what's the thing ta stahat stant for you today on the first day of football. >> oklahoma state, ohio state, alabama, they all look strong. there were no glaring weaknesses of the top teams. >> except michigan. you expect alabama, oregon, oklahoma is going to come back, west virginia, but i don't know if you expected michigan to get beat that badly. >> and that quickly. >> and that quickly. that is the thing. if you're in the top ten to start the season, you have to be pretty good. that surprised me how badly it got so quickly. >> i'll stick up for him. and, again, not a good start for the big ten. hey, let's talk about usc because everybody will be talking about them tomorrow. what stands out about them? >> listen.
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knocked the rust off. lane kitsffin said he was not happy with the offense. i think as the season goes on you're going to see a lot of fire power on the outside. usc looked phenomenal i thought tonight. >> lessons, lessons, lessons. everywhere you go, you've about got a weapon for usc. >> hey, speaking of weapons and offense, just out here out west eugene, oregon, so far the ducks looking pretty darn good pretty darn quick too. so is it too early to hope for november 3rd? i'm ready for that matchup absolutely. hey, coming up on fox, your local news except on the west coast. next week, fox saturday baseball returns with three games. adrian gonzalez and the new look dodgers take on the rival giant in the battles. they battle the mets for the a.l. central leading white sox take on the royals.
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fox saturday baseball presented by mastercard returns next week at 3:30 eastern, 12:30 pacific. -- captions by vitac -- we can't wait to see you guys next saturday. please join us. for eddie and joey, i'm erin andrews, look forward to seeing you guys next saturday. 
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the republican national convention is over, now the campaigns are gathering coming momentum toward november. now that it is september, the push to the end will ramp up. steve brown has more from the campaign stop in florida. >> president obama launching a four-day tour to battleground states next week. his first stop, des moines, iowa. >> when governor romney had his chance to let you in on his secret, he did not offer a single new idea. just retread to the same old
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policies that have been taking it to the middle class for years. >> just two days after his acceptance speech, mitt romney is back in the sunshine state. his running mate joining him. before visiting florida, he campaigned in cincinnati, ohio. >> he is the person who will fix our economy and he is the guy who will send barack obama sending him packing his bags back to chicago. >> one of the promises he made was, he was going to create more jobs and today, 23 million people are out of work or stopped looking for work are under employed. if you have a coach that is 0 and 23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. >> followed through on a -- in north carolina on monday where
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the democratic national convention will be held. and the campaigning in florida, romney heads to new hampshire. meanwhile, president obama heads off for campaigning in another battleground state, colorado. in jacksonville, florida, steve brown, fox news. >> federal judge in ohio has ruled that residents have the right to vote during an early election period. recently the state changed its early voting rules deciding that in person early voting would end on the friday before election day. except for military personnel and ohioens living overseas. the obama campaign and ohio democrats argued that the law was unconstitutional because it favored some groups over others. they plan to appeal the ruling. before heading to the democratic national convention, president obama will make a stop in norfolk, virginia. he is set to speak at norfolk state university. last week the president made a stop in charlottesville as part of a swing of college towns in
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tossup battleground states. refusing to disclose a recipe for weeks. the white house revealed the recipes for two homemade beers. the white house, the ale is believed to be the first beer brewed. now honey is in the brew is ewe folk as well. it is tapped from the first ever beehive on the south lawn. the recipes cabe found online on the white house website. brewing the first two honey beers, brew masters came up with the honey blond beer. we have some inspiration to pass on when we return. an incredible feet from a man suffering from leukemia. wait until you hear how long it took him to bike across the country. anncr: it'll start out as concrete andnd steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county.
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as fox 5's beth parker reports, you'll be amazed. >> just the dream. >> a dream that is now a reality. with just a folded up map and the open road in front of him. luigi set off to ride his bike across the united states. he has leukemia and just finished a round of chemotherapy. he rode through ohio and on to chicago, passed stunning views in montana. in just 35 days, he made it across the canadian border and on to vancouver. >> i think i told you when i left, i didn't know whether i was able to, you know, finish one day, let alone the whole ride. i'm here in vancouver with more than 3,000 miles and just, really happy. >> along the way, he blogged
11:48 pm
and raised money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> thank you so much for the support. keep them coming. >> and they did. he wanted to raise $10,000. he raised $25,000 and he didn't just raise money, he raised hope. >> by luigi being able to go out there and do this and say you're not in this alone is really inspirational. >> so many times i thought, let's find an excuse here, because with everybody following me here, i cannot say i'm sorry, i quit. >> he drew strength from friends and family. even from strangers. >> he leaves you with a lot of joy. i think that's the main thing that i take away from this. the risks, the love from people that i barely know. >> he has had plenty of time to do some thinking. >> you have cancer, but at the same time, it's still you. it's up to you to define your
11:49 pm
law. make your life as beautiful as you want. if you want it, you know, if you set your mind to it, you can do it. it's really up to you. this is what i learn every day riding my bike. >> he is flying home to d.c., back to work and more chemotherapy. another mountain he will no doubt conquer. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> coming up, a deadly virus at yosemite national park. plus, metro gets an f. metro missed the deadline in all stations. that's coming up next when the news returns. he's made his choice.
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but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c.,
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what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. as of today, every single metro station was supposed to have a machine that sells smart trip cards. the machines are in place. none of those machines are
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working. >> among transit systems, metro is a pioneer in implementing an electronic fare card system that costs metro a lot less to maintain than its old paper based fare cards. the paper fare cards, primarily used by tourists are still available, but paper users pay a whopping $1 surcharge for every train trip. metro buses are also cheaper when smart trip cards are used to pay. earlier this year, metro estimated 80% of bus users pay with smart trip cards and 90% of rail riders also use smart trip payment. as of september 1, most smart trip cards will need a minimum of $1.20 for customers to enter the system. if the users register their smart trip cards online, metro will put a $3 credit into their account. that makes the effective price of a smart trip card only $2. metro had also promised to expand the dispensing machines for smart trip cards to all 86
11:54 pm
of its stations. the new machines are in. they are wrapped in plastic and not operational. unlike the existing machines, which have braille on their surfaces, for instructions for the blind, the new machines have no braille and no audio component. metro spokeswoman, caroline lucas told us by phone that transit managers have made an internal decision to keep the new distribution machines turned off until they are fully compliant with the americans with disabilities act. some metro customers question that decision. >> mitchell has a lot of problems, why not make something a little easier for the public? >> you say turn on the machines now? >> turn on the machines now and make it widely publicized when the other features are added. >> metro promises to have working machines at every station, you may not find them at every entrance to every station. >> this is the jennifer street
11:55 pm
side of the friendship heights station on the red line. and on this side of the station, no dispensing machine for smart trip cards. >> metro managers say the new machines in place should be retrofitted with rail and audio and turned on sometime in the next two months. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> work to install new smart meters is being put on hold. d.c.'s contract appeals board issued a stop order because work to install the meters began before a disapproval order had been settled on the project. ward 8 council member filed the measure saying he disapproved of the contract with the meter company, arguing it was not in the district's favor. the appeals board says installation must be put on hold until the protest is resolved. a high speed rail project is one step closer to becoming reality in virginia. federal and state officials have issued a final environmental impact statement for routes connecting the hampton roads area and the
11:56 pm
southeast quarter. it would be to richmond. the project would maintain amtrak's news service. a developing health story tonight. workers and campers at yosemite national park are exposed to a disease. >> two people are dead and two more visitors who stayed in a campground at yosemite national park -- health officials saying that brings infections to six. and the centers for disease control warns that 10,000 more people who stayed in the cabin between june 10 and august 24 could be at risk. the virus is carried in the feces, urine, and saliva of deer mice and other rodents. specialists saying it has a six week incubation period and a mortality rate of 38%, which means more than a third of the people with the disease will die. >> because the shortness of breath and a cough that
11:57 pm
progresses to respiratory failure, meaning we have to put patients on mechanical ventilation. we have to put them on machines. >> park officials closed the so-called luxury cabins on tuesday, saying the design made it easy for mice to nest between a wall. a 2010 report warned park officials that rodent inspection efforts should be increased after a visitor fell ill. the state says that while officials in yosemite took steps to deal with the problem, there are limitations given its location. campers are worried. >> i did think about it and i had my dad calling me. he was concerned about it. >> seems like low risk, but if you get it, obviously it's very serious. so definitely something we have been talking about. >> two people are working in the park to figure out why their rodent population is larger and trying to see how much of the population carries the virus. in new york, anna, fox news.
11:58 pm
>> another deadly fall at a sports arena. this time it happened at the georgia dome in atlanta. investigators say a 20-year-old fan fell about 35 feet from the upper level during the tennessee, north carolina game on friday. the fan fell on to another man who was treated at a nearby hospital and released. this happened just one day after a fan fell to his death from an escalator in houston. a teenager on his way to a birthday party died after sticking his head out of the emergency hatch in a party bus. the bus went under an overpass. a security guard on the bus says he had repeatedly told the teenagers not to open that hatch. the bus is going from new york city to garfield, new jersey. he bus company will conduct an a storm is over and the heat is back and thousands, hundreds and thousands of people are sweltering without power in louisiana. fox's john has the latest on the aftermath of isaac. >> recovery efforts are underway after hurricane isaac
11:59 pm
ripped through louisiana. parts of the state are still under water. >> outside of the hurricane protection district, we were brought face to face again with devastation of homes and businesses that are outside of the 100 year protection. on the east bank particularly, not just raceway, but down the east bank. >> extreme heat now returns, but hundreds of thousands of homes remain without power across the region. including new orleans. >> i have two children under 2. it's measurable. i have a generator now. i bought a generator yesterday. it is still miserable. >> cities feeling the strain and stress being without power. this is more than an inconvenience. it continues to be dangerous for everybody and i want to ask everybody to continue to be very, very cautious as we work through these difficult issues. >> workers heading back to oil and gas platforms in the gulf of mexico. about 400 production sites were evacuated earlier this week as


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